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Concert "Fire In Her Bones"

Preshow - 5:30
Concert - 7:30

Company Banquet and Awards Night

Heritage Theatre Upstairs
- Semi Formal Attire

Studio Pictures

Location: Studio

- You must arrive ready to go 30 minutes prior to photo shoot time. We WILL NOT WAIT!

-Company hair low bun, parted in middle

-Makeup is to your liking

-No parents allowed. Please drop of and leave. 

- All dancers will have a costume/accessories check off list that must be signed off before leaving. 

-All costumes must be spot cleaned/hand washed prior to picture day in order for them to be checked off. 

-If any item is missing, damaged or lost a $75 charge will be applied. 

May 9th Picture Schedule

3-4 Tour (Cellophane, Jazz, Vacation, ballroom)
4-5 Ignite ballet/Ignite Co (Contemp./Jazz) Opening/Closing
5-6 Comp Hip Hop/Fuel Ballet/Fuel Co (Contemp./Jazz) Opening/Closing
6-7 Tour 2/Diesel Ballet/Diesel Co (Contemp./Jazz) Opening/Closing
7-8 Octane Ballet/Octane Co (Contemp./Hip Hop) Opening
8-9 Nitro Ballet/Nitro Co (Contemp./Jazz Opening

May 16 Picture Schedule

3-4 Advanced Hip Hop/Ballroom
4-5 Modern Intermediate/Advanced
5-6 Combo/Octane Tap
6-7 Matchstix Hip Hop/Beggining Ballroom
7-8 Creative Movement/Triple Threat
8-9 Intermediate Hip Hop/Ballroom

Auditions 24'-25' Season

Tour Company & COMPANY Parent Meeting - May 20th @ 8:00 PM

Tour Company Auditions - May 22nd

Audition Times

-Tour Company; 3:00 - 5:00 pm (ages 14+)

-Tour 2; 6:00 - 8:00 pm (ages 9-13)

Company Parent Meeting 

August 5th @ 7:00 PM

Company Auditions Aug 6th

Auditions Times 

-Octane/Nitro Company 3:00 - 4:30

-Fuel/Diesel Company 5:00 - 6:30

-Ignite Company 7:00 - 8:30

*Companies are NOT subject to age. All auditions are looked at in various ways, skill levels and etc. The Director will adjust accordingly and make all final company/tour member decisions. All auditions are number based and will be posted on social media and emailed out. A judging panel will be present on day of auditions. All auditions are CLOSED. 

We will except a video submission. 

*Video submission must be submitted before audition date

*Dancer must arrive 30-40 minutes early prior to their audition time to stretch and prepare. All hair must be pulled back and out of the face. All black dance attire. All styles of shoes must be brought to auditions. Light makeup is recommended. 

Octane Co (ages 6-8)

Nitro Co (ages 8-10)

Diesel Co (ages 10-14)

Fuel Co (ages 10 - 14)

Ignite Co (Ages 14+)

News and Updates: News and Updates
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